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Certificate of Networthiness in Ensuring Software Integrity and Security

Certificate of Networthiness: Ensuring Software In...

As cyber threats and data breaches continue to rise, it is vital to prioritize the security and integrity of software systems. The Certificate of Networthiness (CoN) is a critical asset in this effort, as it serves as a verification for

NIST FIPS Certification

Tightening Security with NIST FIPS 201 and CAC/PIV...

Cybersecurity demands strict standards to protect sensitive information. NIST FIPS 201 certification is a key player, ensuring security compliance across industries. Let’s explore what it is, why it matters, and how CAC/PIV authentication strengthens security. Understanding NIST FIPS 201 NIST

CAC and PIV Cards

Understanding the Basics: What Are CAC and PIV Car...

In today’s digital age, where security breaches and identity theft are rampant concerns, organizations and government agencies are constantly seeking robust methods to protect sensitive information and control access to secure systems. Two essential tools in this endeavor are Common

Smart Card Authentication for the Atlassian Suite

Protect Your Atlassian Suite with Two-Factor Authe...

Are you using old authentication methods that make your account information vulnerable to security threats? Gain control over who can access your Atlassian tools with Goldfinger’s Two-Factor Authenticator app for your Atlassian Suite. The app is compatible with Jira. It

CAC/PIV Authentication for Atlassian

How to Enable CAC/PIV Authentication for Your Atla...

In adhering to a government-wide standard for secure two-factor authentication, US government organizations mandate the use of smart cards, namely CAC cards for the Department of Defense and PIV cards for other branches. These cards, alongside a personal identification number,


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