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CAC/PIV Authentication for Atlassian

In adhering to a government-wide standard for secure two-factor authentication, US government organizations mandate the use of smart cards, namely CAC cards for the Department of Defense and PIV cards for other branches. These cards, alongside a personal identification number, grant employees access to physical facilities and digital systems. A robust two-factor authentication system necessitates the use of both the CAC/PIV card and personal identification number as credentials.

Government agencies leverage Atlassian products to streamline project management and operations through enhanced collaboration. To ensure secure and efficient access control for valid CAC/PIV cardholders, integrating with Atlassian tools requires a reliable solution. Goldfinger’s CAC/PIV Authenticator offers operational simplicity and speed without compromising security, seamlessly enabling CAC/PIV authentication for the Atlassian suite.

Enable CAC/PIV Authentication for Atlassian Tools
Goldfinger’s CAC/PIV Authenticator facilitates authentication with CAC/PIV cards across various Atlassian products such as Jira Software, Jira Service Desk, Jira Core, Bitbucket, Bamboo, and Crowd. Leveraging client certificates, the authenticator fortifies critical systems against unauthorized access while providing users with quick and convenient application access.

Mechanism of the Solution
Integration into existing environments and infrastructures is seamless. Upon attempting to log in to any Atlassian application, users are prompted to enter their Atlassian user ID and password by default. Successful user authentication automatically grants access if a valid CAC/PIV card is present.

Authentication Process
Users’ smart cards, protected by a PIN with a validated client certificate, undergo authentication. The solution accesses the certificate via the browser, validating it against the default certificate or prompting the user to choose one. Credentials retrieved from the client certificate are compared with Atlassian’s user directory for authorization.

Features of CAC/PIV Authenticator

  • Hassle-free access to the Atlassian suite with quick sign-on options.
  • Easy installation and integration without hidden costs, ensuring instant access.
  • Access to all Atlassian products, including Data Center, with customizable role-based permissions.

Benefits of enabling CAC/PIV authentication

  • Ensures secure identification while maintaining mission-critical reliability.
  • Enables accountability and security practices tied to individual Atlassian user identities.
  • Applicable not only to government organizations but also to other entities using smart cards with client certification.

Are you still depending on conventional authentication methods for your Atlassian applications? Enable CAC/PIV authentication to ensure secure and federally compliant access control for smart card users. Get in touch with our experts today for more information on how to implement this advanced authentication solution!


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