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Check out our FAQ section to learn more about how CAC/PIV solutions can secure your organization's digital assets.

CAC (Common Access Card) and PIV (Personal Identity Verification) software are authentication solutions used by organizations to control access to digital resources and facilities. They utilize smart cards containing digital certificates for secure authentication.

CAC/PIV software enhances security by requiring users to authenticate themselves with a smart card and PIN, adding an extra layer of protection beyond traditional usernames and passwords. This helps prevent unauthorized access to sensitive information and resources.

Key features of CAC/PIV software include secure login/authentication, encryption of data transmissions, digital signature capabilities, integration with existing systems, and support for multi-factor authentication.

Yes, CAC/PIV software is designed to seamlessly integrate with existing IT infrastructures, including identity management systems, directory services, and applications. This allows organizations to leverage their existing investments while enhancing security.

Yes, CAC/PIV software typically complies with industry regulations such as FIPS (Federal Information Processing Standards) and NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) guidelines for authentication and encryption.

Most CAC/PIV software vendors offer training programs, documentation, and technical support services to help organizations deploy, configure, and maintain their solutions. Additionally, online resources and user communities may provide valuable insights and assistance.

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